Malaran Book CoverMALARAN

Released Sept 18, 2013

A starship comes. The first in 500 years. The first since the Fall of Man.

An enemy comes to conquer the refuge world of Nuevo and to subjugate all of humanity.

A mystical order of warrior priestesses has prepared for this day for five hundred years.  The Order of Calista has studied the arcane powers of the Void, the cosmic and subatomic forces. They have trained in the combat forms of the ancient Agema, elite shock troops and praetorian guard of the Emperor of Man.  Yet now they hesitate.

Malaran, a young acolyte in the Order, yearns to stand against the invader, but ancient secrets and hidden agendas threaten to engulf her. She must balance her own ambitions with her duty to her royal family, to the Order of Calista, and to all of humanity. All of her training, all of her mystical powers, may not be enough to prevent another catastrophe to fall once again upon mankind.

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